Schedules of Condition

If you acquire, dispose of, or alter a property or portfolio, a condition survey is a quick and cost effective way to obtain an initial overview of the main elements of a property along with a description of its condition. We also investigate and analyze any defects and predict the likely timings and costs involved in remedying the issues.

A schedule of condition benchmarks a property’s state of repair and records all defects at a given date. Produced for a variety of reasons, in leased property they are often intended to limit future dilapidations liabilities and play a crucial role in party wall work in damage identification following construction work.

The Service

  • Define the reason for the Schedule of condition
  • Visit site and record defects
  • Produce a photographic schedule of condition or;
  • Produce a written schedule of condition with photographs, or;
  • Produce a videographic schedule of condition
Project Management

Project Management

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Building Consultancy

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